Welcome to Across the Lines: News and Analysis! This news outlet will be dedicated to freely discussing a variety of controversial topics that are seldom discussed on mainstream outlets. Unlike many of the other mainstream news outlets focusing on matters such as politics and religion, Across the Lines will not try to “convert” our viewers to a particular view. Rather, we will be doing our absolute best to create an environment that portrays a variety of perspectives to consider. We want our readers to be well-informed about important topics in the world, so they can make their own conclusions relating to the matters discussed. In a society filled with countless interest groups manipulating information in order to push an agenda, we will remain an unbiased source for individuals seeking to intellectually discuss and share their unique points of view, without having to shift through layers of fabrication and propaganda.

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  1. Thank you for providing a non-judgmental, unbiased & fair way to express individualistic ideas and opinions. This site is my number one choice for up-to-date news on the current 2016 mess of a presidential election. I appreciate your time to sift through news casts, and write educated articles to provide Americans & people around the world with a quick + honest way to become informed! Gracias authors.

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