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As our readers have probably noticed by now we have not had a new post out in quite some time. The truth is, for a while it looked like the end Across the Lines. While I never lost my interest or passion for analyzing news, politics, and other social phenomena, with everything else going on in my personal life I became distracted. To make matters worse, due to changes in how Google and Youtube handle the advertisements on political channels our original business plan became completely impractical.

Despite all of this I have decided that I will continue running Across the Lines: News and Analysis, but with a few necessary changes and improvements. First off, at least for the time being I am the only one of the original ATL founders still working on the site. Obviously this means that those of you that were fans of Bobby or Justin’s work may be disappointed, but that isn’t the only change their absence will bring. Since we no longer have the advantage of having three individuals with different perspectives contributing content and ideas I am going to take a more personal approach to writing. I will still be covering the same topics, but will include more of my personal insights than I have previously. This will not be at the expense of being as objective as possible, or turn this site into a personal blog. Rather, my reason taking this approach is to create pieces aimed at facilitating conversation and debate rather than simply creating dry fact-sheets.

Another change you can expect is for there to be more of an emphasis on analyzing broader socio-cultural phenomena than simply covering recent news events. At this time we unfortunately do not have the ability to cover news as it breaks. Instead of trying to quickly throw pieces together that are little more than summaries of stories you have all likely already heard about from other news sources, we will be focusing on creating the best in-depth analysis pieces that you will find anywhere on the internet.

Also, while we may have lost two contributors we have made a great new addition to ATL. From now on we will be regularly featuring content from Paul McEnroe, founder of foramoreperfectamerica.blogspot.com and now a partner here at Across the Lines. Paul is a great advocate of the progressive perspective and always willing to have a discussion about any given topic. We have previously featured some of Paul’s work and now you can all look forward to seeing much more in the near future. In the mean time you can check out his blog now for some great articles on everything from discussing healthcare to whether or not ESPN has a double standard.

We have learnt a lot since the original launch of Across the Lines. While we still have a lot to learn we know much more than we did when we started out. From looking back at both the mistakes we have made and the things we have done right we have come up with a new and improved format and approach that will continue to grow and evolve. Check back soon to see for yourselves, or subscribe to receive notifications whenever we post new articles! We will be posting an official publication schedule by tomorrow so you will all know when to expect new pieces to be coming out.

By, Frank Bursese


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