Why Do Many People Prefer A Faux Populist Over Someone Faking Being On Their Side?

I think most politicians have a public position and a private position.” Hillary Clinton

When Mexico sends its people, they aren’t sending their best. They’re sending rapists and murderers.” Donald Trump

Let me preface this analysis by saying, I don’t believe for a minute that Trump doesn’t have a private position or two that he doesn’t share with the American people. Unlike Hillary though, I think that Donald is not dumb enough to say something like that.

To understand why so many Americans reacted negatively to Clinton’s comments, we need to read between the lines of said comments. It’s very possible that many Americans who supported Trump after learning of Clinton’s comments did so because they heard something like this. “Publicly, I love you and I am on your side. However privately I see you as a means to an end and I can’t wait to use you to further my own agenda.”

Now let’s do the same exercise with Trump’s statement. The American people likely heard something like this. “Mexican murderers and rapists are flooding into America illegally. They are stealing your jobs because they are willing to work for much lower wages than you are. They are criminals so your cities are much safer if they aren’t in the country.” While this statement rightfully sounds bigoted and racist to Liberals and Progressives, to a frustrated struggling Conservative looking for a scapegoat this statement is exactly the kind of thing they want to hear, because it is what they are thinking but were too afraid to say.

Next, we need to look at how genuine and honest each statement sounds. Clinton’s statement is not genuine at all. It sounds contrived and like the kind of thing that comes from an empty shell of a human being, trying to manipulate people. Trump’s statement is different though. His delivery is passionate. You can hear the emotion in his voice. You can really tell he believes what he says. I remember talking to my dad during the primaries and telling him that I believed that Sanders and Trump are the only two honest politicians in the race. The only difference between Trump and Sanders being that Trump is an honest asshole and Sanders is honestly a nice person.”

Here is the bottom line. I think people respond best to honesty regardless of whether that honesty is good or bad. I think the candidate who won their primary and was perceived as the most honest was going to win the General Election no matter what.

Contributed by, Paul McEnroe

Edited by, Frank Bursese

Copyright 2017: For A More Perfect America

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