The Secretive Senate GOP Health Care Plan


The debate over healthcare has been a hot topic ever since the Affordable Care Act (aka. Obama Care or “ACA”) was first proposed back in 2009. Now, eight years later the debate over health care is as heated as ever. Since the Affordable Care Act was passed, it has been the dream of many Republicans to repeal this bill. In fact, repealing and replacing “Obama Care” was one of the main promises that President Trump made during his candidacy. However, as part of his promise, Trump guaranteed that the replacement would provide everyone with cheaper and better healthcare.

        After the GOP’s first attempt to replace the ACA failed, it was a surprise to many when a second, nearly identical bill managed to pass the through the House of Representatives. Now, many people believe that even though this bill may be inadequate, that it would be heavily revised, if not completely re-written by the Senate. As of writing this, however, there is no way to know if this is the case or not. For one reason or another, Senate Republicans have kept this bill under tight secrecy. This is extremely odd considering the fact that despite no one outside of a select few Senators knowing what this bill contains, they plan on rushing the bill through the Senate, possibly passing it as early as next week.

        Now, this strikes me as odd for a variety of reasons. First off, in politics whenever a politician is doing something even remotely positive they tend to shine a spotlight on it for as long as possible. The fact that they are being so low-key about this bill is itself a reason to be suspicious of its quality. This is especially true considering the widespread unpopularity of the original bill that passed through the House. If they were really improving upon this bill wouldn’t they want everyone to know it? Another issue is the speed at which they are trying to get this bill passed. They will have to reveal its contents eventually, but it seems that their aim is to do so in a manner that gives people no time at all to react prior to it being passed.

        Until we know all of the details of the bill all we can do is hope that it winds up being a pleasant surprise. However, the lack of transparency and overall handling of how this legislation has not been cause for optimism.  


By, Frank Bursese


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