An Equitable Solution To The Salary Gap


In an April video, the Conservative YouTuber James Allsup tore into Feminists and the Huffington Post over a report in the Huffington Post which claimed that a woman earns 78 cents for every dollar that a man earns. This stat is accurate, which Allsup admits. However, he then rightfully points out that this stat is misleading. He also accurately describes why. The reason this stat is misleading is simple. This stat is derived from taking the average salary earned by a woman across all jobs and dividing it by the average salary of a man across all jobs(when you do this you get .78) The stat is not derived from comparing a woman’s yearly pay in Job A to a man’s yearly pay in Job A, which it should be. In fact, doing so wouldn’t even require Feminists to change their narrative. In fact, it would strengthen it. Here’s why.

Even when you compare a woman in Job A to a man in Job A, there is a salary gap(note that I said Salary Gap and not Wage Gap. I said that because hourly pay for men and women in Job A is identical. However, the take home pay is not identical thus the Salary Gap.) The Salary Gap between men and women is as follows. A woman earns 91 cents for every dollar a man earns. However. this is not likely to mean that women in Job A are being paid 91 cents on the dollar to what a man earns in Job A as Wage Discrimination based on gender is illegal. It is far more likely that this Salary Gap when comparing a woman in Job A to a man in Job A is attributed to the fact that the average woman is likely to miss two days of work per month as a result of discomfort related to her Period. Once again I find myself turning to a calendar and simple math to prove my point. There are roughly 20 work days in a month. If a person misses two of those days for whatever reason, they are working 18 out of the 20 days. Simple math says they are working 90% of the available work hours in a week. This is a very similar figure to the true wage gap of a woman earning 91 cents for every dollar that a man earns.

Now the question becomes how do we deal with the fact that the average woman is likely to miss 2 days of work per month based on factors beyond her control? Obviously, she’s not working at Job A as much as a man. I don’t think anyone is disputing that. However, the reason she is not working as much is not her fault in any way shape or form. In an earlier piece, I laid out my desire for America to give people 15 paid Sick Days by law per year which amounts to 1.2 Sick Days per month. I would like to add to that a push for two additional paid days off for women who are menstruating. But what about women who no longer menstruate or never did? What about women who menstruate but don’t need the time off because they don’t have severe cramps? What about men who obviously don’t menstruate? These groups don’t need that time off so they won’t be eligible for it? That’s not fair or equal to them. You’re right. It’s not. What it is is equitable. What does equitable mean? The concept of equitable means reasonable and fair. Giving women who need two paid Menstruation Days off a month by law those days off would eliminate the pay gap almost entirely. It is also a completely equitable solution. It’s time we recognize that for obvious reasons the needs of a menstruating woman are different than the needs of a non-menstruating woman or the needs of a man. It is time we stop punishing women economically for menstruating when it is something that is necessary for the survival of the species. It is time we adapt accordingly. I believe what I laid out in this piece is the solution.

Contributed by, Paul McEnroe

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  1. To your first point, I’ll find it and get back to you ASAP and to your second point as I stated in the piece what you are referring to is explained by the .78 cents to a man’s dollar stat that most people cite. As I said in the piece when you compare men and women in the same job, the stat is 91 cents to a mans dollar.

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