The Majestic Beauty of Space

No politics, no opinions. Today’s article features only the most fascinating images of Earth, the Solar System, and beyond. With this comes a reminder of how small we truly are, and how beautiful nature can be when you take the time to witness it..

Earth as viewed by the ISS – Contains fantastic footage of thunderstorms and the Northern Lights.

Next is the Crab Nebula as seen from the Hubble Telescope. It consists of the the remnants of a supernova within the Taurus constellation, is invisible to the naked eye, and is classified as a pulsar wind nebula.

Another supernova remnant, this time from Cassiopeia A:


The Running Man nebula, as observed from Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter in late 2015:

This “Etheral Tornado” was photographed in Norway.
etheral tornado.jpg

This next picture was taken from above Acapulco, Mexico in 2015. The red spot on the right-hand side of the photo is a beautifully-timed lightning discharges known as a Red Sprite.


Finally, we have Mystic Mountain, found within the beautiful Carina Nebula thousands of light years from earth. This picture was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope on it’s 20th anniversary.


For more pictures like that, check out/r/space and /r/spaceporn on Reddit.

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