Trump’s Second Attempt at the Travel Ban Blocked by Federal Judge

Out of the many controversial policies surrounding the Trump presidency, the immigration ban has been one of the most inflammatory. During his first week as President, Donald Trump made his first attempt at an immigration ban and was met with overwhelming opposition. Due to the public backlash and rulings by federal judges the original ban was put on hold until further notice. In response, Trump and his staff promised to re-work the executive order so that it would be acceptable to the courts. They have since proposed their re-worked order, but earlier today a Federal Judge blocked the revised version of the executive order.

On Wednesday March 16th, U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson, a Federal Judge from Hawaii,  placed a nation-wide restraining order on the revised travel ban. He argued that this revised travel ban still “discriminates on the basis of nationality” and was therefore unconstitutional. Trump promised to fight back, and claimed that he is prepared to take this matter all the way to the Supreme Court. This second attempt at implementing the travel ban was not successful, but more attempts are sure to follow.

Check out the chart below, comparing the first and second Travel bans.

Trump Immigration ban comaprisson


By, Frank Bursese


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