The Vault 7 Leaks Implicate the US Consulate in Germany as a CIA “Hacker Base”

The Vault 7 leaks have shed some light on the shady activities that the CIA takes part in and Wikileaks is still planning on releasing more documents that pertain to this issue. It has been reported that only 1% of the CIA documents that Wikileaks possesses have been released to this date. Therefore, we can expect to learn a lot more about how the CIA truly operates in the coming weeks and months.

With that said, the amount of information released so far is truly stunning. The Vault 7 leaks have revealed the CIA is basically operating as an autonomous NSA with little to no accountability.

The primary components of the leaks say the CIA has the ability to hack into people’s smartphones, smart TVs, and even their cars.

However, there is one aspect of the documents that has been reported on but is forgotten about because of the plethora of other information released. I am referring to the revelation that the US consulate in Frankfurt is supposedly home to the CIA’s “hacker base”.

According to the documents, hackers that operate out of the Frankfurt consulate are given diplomatic passports with consent from the State Department. By being covered by the State Department, these hackers are able to maneuver through customs with ease, so once they arrive in Europe they have the ability to travel throughout the Schengen zone without being checked by border security. The Schengen zone is famous for dismantling passport and border security within 26 European countries.

Wikileaks says once operating within the Schengen zone, these hackers target specific places and insert USB sticks containing malware so they could infect or extract data.

Whether or not the German government is aware of this activity has not been reported, but the US has a history of doing shady activities like this in Germany. When the Snowden files were released, the documents revealed the NSA was tapping phone calls involving German chancellor Angela Merkel along with her closest advisers.

In response to the Vault 7 leaks, Germany’s chief federal prosecutor has launched an investigation to see if there was any criminal wrongdoing by the CIA.

A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said, “We will initiate an investigation if we see evidence of concrete criminal acts or specific perpetrators.”

German officials say Berlin has been in close touch with Washington since the leaks were revealed.

It remains to be seen whether this new scandal will affect the relationship between the US and Germany, but with the US having a history of doing stuff like this in Germany, it would not be a surprise if the relationship becomes strained.

–Contributed by: Bobby Amendola




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