It’s Official: The US Has Ground Troops In Syria

The US has officially reached the point of no return in the nearly 6-year-old civil war within Syria. To this point, the US military has only maintained an advisory role in the war, but that quickly changed when two anonymous defense officials told the Washington Post that US Marines have been deployed in Syria.

This comes a short time after it was found out that US Army Rangers crossed the border from Iraqi Kurdistan into Syria. Unquestionably, this is the largest US escalation in Syria to date.

Conventional military forces will now be operating on the ground inside of Syria, which puts US troops on the frontlines in the war. The Marine deployment is heading to the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital Raqqa where they are going to help in the re-taking of the city.

With that said, defense officials said this was not an order from President Donald Trump, but that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

One official said “The Marines answer a problem that the (operation) has faced.”

It is clear that the US is not satisfied with its progress on the battlefield against ISIS so the Pentagon has decided to step in.

The convoy of US Army Rangers is heading towards the recently liberated village of Manbij in Syria. Their mission is to maintain peace among the myriad militias and other forces that have reached common ground in finding ISIS as the primary enemy.

The Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis, stated: “It’s a visible reminder, for anybody who’s looking to start a fight, that the only fight that should be going on right now is with ISIS.”

Despite their aforementioned mission, members of the 75th Ranger Regiment have a history of pioneering foreign offensives. These Rangers executed the first airborne assault during the invasion of Iraq and parachuted into Kandahar, Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attack.

If it is not clear, then it is now; the US is ready to take ISIS head on in the fight to take Syria back. The method of training, assisting, and equipping has been abandoned.

This marks the largest deployment of US conventional troops in the country, as almost 1,000 conventional military personnel are now operating within Syria’s borders.

Also, the Pentagon is planning on sending hundreds of US troops into Kuwait just in case they are needed in Syria. An exact number was not given, but it is believed that it will be lower than the 1,000 troops in Syria.

The war in Syria has killed an estimated 400,000 people since the war began in 2011, according to the United Nations, and it appears that number shows no signs of slowing down.

–Contributed by: Bobby Amendola


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