North Korea Stirs up Trouble With Newest Missile Launches

north_korea_11.jpegIt has become business as usual for North Korea to stir up trouble on the global stage from time to time. While it is far from the first time that North Korea has caused a ruckus, this incident has taken things up a notch. Earlier this week North Korea launched four ballistic missiles towards Japan. All four missiles landed in the ocean, but came too close for comfort for the international community; especially Japan and South Korea. The type of missiles and reason for their launch was originally unknown, but official statements from North Korea have since clarified their intentions. Unlike similar previous incidents, North Korea made no attempt to hide their intentions. These missiles were launched as part of a drill preparing to strike U.S. bases as well as allies such as South Korea and Japan.  These tests are a clear indicator that relations between the DPRK and the rest of the world are still as tense as ever. Updates will follow as events unfold.



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