Explained in two minutes: Trump’s wiretap allegation

On March 5th, President Trump released multiple tweets alleging that former president Barrack Obama used his executive authority to obtain an illegal wiretap against phones located within Trump Tower during the 2016 election.


If true, this would be a federal felony on Obama’s part as the president is not permitted to directly authorize wiretaps.

Instead, the president must obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant (FISA). Trump is suggesting that Obama used this avenue to obtain a warrant for the Trump servers on the basis that they were communicating with the servers of 2 Russian banks, SVB Bank and Russia’s Alfa Bank.

The full theory states that then-president Barrack Obama initially attempted to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump in June but was denied. Obama allegedly tried again in October just weeks before the election and was successful. The accusation states that this warrant was used to access a variety of data, including emails and other forms of confidential information pertaining to the Trump campaign.

Trump now asks that this theory, originally proposed by radio host Mark Levin in 2016, be investigated by the department of justice. FBI director James B. Comey has since asked the department not to investigate the claim due to lack of evidence.

Many have criticized the president’s accusation, citing a lack of evidence for a major accusation of an impeachable offense of a past president. President Trump maintains that these claims are true and has compared the incident to a Modern-Day Watergate.

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