The Face of the Fascist “Left”

Fascism. It is a loaded word and is too often used in the wrong context. When most people hear the word, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Nazi regime in Germany during the early 20th century. That would be the correct characterization of a fascist-form of government. However, a woman by the name of Yvette Felarca, who is a left-leaning activist for the advocacy group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), recently made headlines by regarding Milo Yiannopoulos as a fascist.

I want to begin by saying her statement is completely misguided and could not be further from the truth. Yes, Milo may have some extreme right-wing views; most notably not believing in gay rights and seeing whites as superior to all other races, but that does not make him a fascist. There is a common misconception in American society that if you are a white supremacist then you are automatically a fascist. This needs to end; in fact, I am going to make the case that Yvette Felarca and her group are the actual fascists.

Some of the key features of fascism include an authoritarian style of government, keeping the opposition suppressed and doing this through acts of violence. With that said, it is clear the real fascist in America is Yvette Felarca and her “left-wing” group.

When Milo Yiannopoulos was scheduled to make an appearance and speak to students on the University of Caifornia-Berkeley campus, a large protest ensued. Yvette Felarca and her group took part in the protest where violence eventually broke out and she inexplicably defended the violence. During an interview with Fox News, Felarca continued to defend this kind of militant protest by saying there should be more protests like the Berkeley one all across the country. Also, she said if there are guest speakers on a college campus that she believes are fascist, then there should be militant protests. Sounds a little fascist, does it not?

It is fine not to agree with Milo’s views, but she is becoming the exact thing that she is speaking out against. The double standard is stunning in this case because Felarca is literally calling for violence to silence the people that do not agree with her. That is fascism in a nutshell. What makes it worse is that the white nationalists have not staged this type of protest or attack in the US, so who is worse? The obvious answer is the person calling for violence.

This is not the first time Felarca’s group has been linked to violent protests; in 2016, during a rally in California by the Traditionalist Workers Party, a white supremacist group, 10 people were injured when counter-protesters came to the event. These counter-protesters consisted of none other than the By Any Means Necessary advocacy group.

After everything dissipated, Felarca made a statement saying: “We have a right to self-defense. That is why we have to shut them down”.

However, self-defense inherently implies that you were under an imminent, physical attack, but her group was not. They went to the rally to do what they do best: violently protest. The problem here is their perception of fascism is completely different than the real meaning. The white nationalists are not trying to suppress the BAMN views, but BAMN is and they are proud of it.

This group regularly tries to paint the picture that their ideals are under attack and this is simply not the case; they are trying to suppress 1st amendment rights for whoever does not agree with them. They make it pretty obvious, too. On their official website, there is an article titled: “No Free Speech for Fascism”.

So, I am going to ask one question and one question only: who are the real fascists?

–Contributed by: Bobby Amendola


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