Message to the Democratic Party: Look in the Mirror

It seems that the Democratic Party cannot come to grips with the fact that they lost the presidential election to Donald Trump. From making arguments that Hillary won the popular vote to Russian interference in the election, the Democrats are relentlessly trying to place blame on someone other than themselves for why Trump won the election.

Let’s get one fact straight: it is completely the Democrats fault that they lost the election. For one, the party trotted out one of the most unfavorable presidential candidates in history with Hillary Clinton, who was under investigation for her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State along with all the other baggage. The baggage I am referring to is her poor judgment in voting for the Iraq War and the Libya intervention, which are almost universally characterized as foreign policy failures. Additionally, she was placed under mass scrutiny for her actions, or lack thereof when the US embassy in Benghazi was attacked, resulting in the death of a US ambassador and 3 other Americans.

Oh, and we must not forget the DNC literally sabotaged Bernie Sanders. Leaked DNC emails show there was insider collusion between top officials within the Democratic Party to undermine Sander’s campaign. Nevertheless, Sanders tapped into a constituency that clearly believed in the values and policies he held; however, the Democrats and their eventual nominee continued to disregard Sander’s ideals.

Now, moving forward to the general election, can anyone say for sure what Hillary’s campaign was predicated upon? When it comes to Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, I could easily say what their campaign was predicated upon, but I cannot say the same about Clinton. Despite Hillary’s terrible campaign, she became the nominee and lost to Donald Trump who has absolutely no political experience. What does that say about Hillary Clinton as a presidential candidate?

One would think after the Democrats embarrassing loss in this election cycle that they would realize they should embrace new ideals. It is clear a candidate like Hillary Clinton is not going to get the Democrats back in the White House. By clinging to establishment values, they have isolated the people they claim to represent, and those potential voters are gravitating towards more populist candidates like Sanders.

So, where do the Democrats go from here? The first thing is they must look in the mirror and realize they must change as a party. I truly believe the Democratic Party is at a crossroads now; if they do not move away from their pro-establishment stances to more progressive stances, I cannot see a Democratic victory in 2020. Message to Democrats: Bernie Sanders was ahead of Donald Trump by double digits in most polls, just saying.

–Contributed by R.A



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