Across the Lines Investigates: #PizzaGate

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November 28th, 2016

Over the past few weeks we have seen “#pizzagate” mentioned all over social-media. At first we completely overlooked it due to the (misleadingly) silly name as well as being buried by the flood of news regarding the election and ongoing Presidential transition. However, once we noticed the increasingly frequent mention of this hashtag we couldn’t help but take a look. After viewing some videos and reports by people online, we were intrigued but expected to find sources proving that it was just a conspiracy theory. After viewing reports from and claiming to “debunk”this conspiracy theory, we were surprised to find that the debunks were much less substantive than many of the so-called “conspiracy theorists”. We initially decided to do our own research and write a substantive debunk of our own. This plan was changed not even ten minutes into viewing the emails leaked to regarding Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. We will show many specific examples of the suspicious emails later in this article, but we suggest you look into this for yourself as well. Due to the sheer amount of claims being bunched together as #PizzaGate we decided to make this into an multi-part, ongoing investigation. The following report will be broken down into sections, each focusing on a major claim being made in regards to this conspiracy, with the goal of objectively separating fact from speculation and disinformation.

PART I. Code Words Used in the Emails

One thing anyone who views the emails for themselves has to admit is that words such as”pizza””hotdog” and”pasta” are being used as code for something. The following emails are copied from the verified archive of Podesta emails on

As you can see in the above email, the words “Pizza”, “Map” and “Handkerchief” are being used in a way that would make no sense in context unless they are code for something other than their usual meanings. We will cover each of these words in individual segments, but as for handkerchief code it is certainly a real thing. That being said, there is no reason to rule out that they may be using the same code system, but with different meaning than the traditional handkerchief code. One rumor that has been circulating is that according to handkerchief code “white” stands for child/virgin. After much research we could not find any legitimate source to substantiate this claim.

Conclusion: While handkerchief code is certainly a real thing, and has been traditionally used by underground sexual communities, there is no evidence that the mention of the “handkerchief” in the Podesta emails has anything to do with pedophilia or child trafficking… or even sex at all for that matter.  While it does indeed seem to be used as code for something, it would be mere speculation to assume what that code is at this point.

November 30th-December 1st, 2016

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