The Establishment Gains Another Member in Trump’s Administration: Meet Reince Priebus



reince-priebus-1Continuing our coverage of Trump’s recent appointees, we now take a look at his Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus. Not only the longest tenured chairman of the Republican National Committee, Priebus has been credited with digging the RNC out of $24 million worth of debt. He has quite the reputation within the Republican Party and that was exemplified by Paul Ryan’s recommendation of him to Trump. That’s right, Paul Ryan recommended Priebus to Trump in hopes that he would appoint him to fill in as his Chief of Staff. Obviously, this is reassuring for “establishment” Republicans whom are fearful of what a Trump presidency will look like, but this appointment is again completely contradictory to what Trump ran his campaign on. He continues to fill crucial advisory positions with people that are known as “establishment” politicians. Priebus has served as the chair of the RNC since 2011; how much more “establishment” could someone get?

Priebus will “be in charge of day to day operations” from the onset of the Trump presidency. It is believed that Priebus will be the key figure is bridging the gap between Trump and “establishment” Republicans, whom he called out multiple times during his campaign run. The chairman’s popularity among Republicans will be critical in advancing Trump’s agenda, such as immigration reform, tax reform, and healthcare reform; all of which could be achieved within his first 100 days in office. During his campaign, Trump made it sound like he would implement a radical agenda, centered on overhauling the political system we have; however, the appointment of Priebus may indicate Trump is willing to run a more conventional administration. We will have to wait and see, but in terms of getting things done; Priebus may be the best guy for the Chief of Staff position. He has the credibility to do it, but there may be one problem: Steve Bannon. The newly appointed Chief Strategist is known as a very divisive figure and taking into consideration that Priebus along with Bannon are going to be “equal partners”, a power struggle could ensue within the administration. Stay tuned for our coverage of Steve Bannon!

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