Democracy Spring Protest Breaks the Record for Most Arrests Made at the Capital in History


Throughout the last two days, hundreds of protestors have rallied outside of Capital Hill in Washington D.C. to demand an end to the corruption that has eroded our once proud democracy, into an oligarchy. Over the past few months the issue of big-money’s influence over U.S. politics has become one of the most prevalent issues for both Democrats and Republicans. Despite being more politically polarized than ever before, if there is one issue that Americans across the board can agree on it is that we need to get big-money out of our politics.

The ongoing protest in the Capital has drawn in hundreds of people from all over the U.S.A. hoping to add their voices to the growing number of Americans speaking out against the establishment. This movement has been dubbed “Democracy Spring”and has brought together Americans from all across the country,  behind the core values of defending democracy, removing big-money from politics, and ensuring free and fair elections. Although the right to assemble and protest is protected by the First Amendment, this did not stop law-enforcement from breaking the record for the most arrests ever made at the capital in history. It is estimated that over 400 protestors were arrested so far, which led to the jails literally being filled beyond capacity.

While the majority of news outlets have not done much coverage on this movement, Cenk Uygur, the CEO and host of The Young Turks, not only covered the movement, he even got arrested for being an active participant. When asked about the event Mr. Uygur had this epic response:“They can arrest us today and they can arrest us tomorrow, but we’re gonna keep coming back. They can’t arrest the whole country.” .

Democracy Spring is planned to continue through April 18th. If you are interested in learning more, or considering in participating in this event check out for more information!


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