Breaking News: Pakistani Park Attack Claims Many Lives

CNN has reported an attack conducted by a Taliban splinter group has killed at least 63 people and injured 200 more, when a suicide bomber struck a Pakistani park, detonating himself only several feet away from children’s swings. Although the death toll can be disputed, as Vice News claims only 52 people were killed with an additional 150 injured people, the reasoning behind the attack cannot be. Reports have surfaced that the Taliban splinter group knew there was going to be an Easter gathering in the park that day, giving them a perfect opportunity to attack a large group of Christians. Muslim extremist groups have been known to target Christians; ISIS has been accused of genocide against Christians, supposedly killing 1,100 and subjecting them to brutal treatment, including rape and being sold into slavery.

Pakistan has tried to oust the Taliban from the country, but they still continue to have a strong presence within Pakistan despite the government’s attempt to eliminate the extremist group’s safe havens in the region.

ISIS may get all the attention, but when an attack like this occurs, that is conducted by a group other than ISIS, one is reminded ISIS is not the only brutal terrorist organization out there killing people. The Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Qaeda in Syria and Yemen, and Al-Shabaab in Somalia are still terrorizing their regions daily. When one thinks of the actual amount of extremist groups out there, it really highlights how big of an issue this is. More importantly though, how can this be fixed?

–Contributed by R.A.


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