Alaska and Washington State were “Feeling the Bern”: Bernie’s Big Wins in Alaska and Washington State

Today was a big day for Bernie Sanders, his supporters, and the political movement he has spawned. While Bernie Sanders is still trailing Hillary Clinton in the primaries, his wins in Alaska and Washington State have helped close the gap. In a crushing victory, Mr.Sanders received nearly 79% of the Alaskan vote, while Hillary only managed to get 21%. Although his victory in Alaska is impressive, it only granted Mr. Sanders 16 delegates. While opponents of Mr. Sanders may be able to shrug off his win in Alaska, his victory in Washington State is nearly as easy to ignore. Unlike Alaska’s relatively small  number of delegates (16 to be exact), the winner of the Democratic caucuses in Washington State is awarded 101 delegates. Not only did Mr. Sanders manage to win in Washington, he did so by a landslide, receiving a massive 73% of the votes in Washington. So far, today’s victories have not only brought Bernie 117 delegates closer to the Democratic nomination, they will undoubtedly add fuel to the already highly energized Sanders campaign.

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