Mosul: The Key Iraqi City in the Fight Against ISIS

Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, has been under ISIS control since 2014, making the city one of the largest strongholds for the militant group. A recent military operation was launched to retake Mosul by Iraqi government forces, assisted by US-led airstrikes and Kurdish military forces. The operation began 40 miles outside the city, where thousands of Iraqi forces have been deployed. The attack is going to be extremely difficult, considering the size of the city along with the large amount of civilians that are within the city, but taking Mosul would become the biggest counterattack success against ISIS since they claimed enormous amounts of territory in Syria and Iraq. In theory, retaking Mosul would result in a safe haven for Iraqi forces that are traveling from the capital of Baghdad, and would give anti-ISIS forces a place to launch other attacks against ISIS. Iraqi forces have already scored a major victory when they liberated the city of Ramadi from ISIS forces, taking down one of their key strongholds within Iraq; however, taking Mosul could drastically deteriorate the militant group’s ability to recruit and launch counterattacks even more in crucial Middle Eastern country. There is no question if the Iraqi government, US government, and other participants want to eradicate ISIS, then Mosul has to be liberated from ISIS control.

We will update the operation to retake Mosul as it plays out. Stay tuned.


–Contributed by R.A.

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