US Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Lesbian’s Parental Rights

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court overturned an Alabama ruling that did not recognize a gay woman’s parental right over her 3 adopted children (Source). This is yet another step forward in the gay rights movement and even more surprisingly none of the justices on the bench dissented; therefore the decision was unanimous. The Supreme Court stated in an unknown opinion Alabama was compelled to recognize the woman’s parental rights because they had been legally endorsed by a court in Georgia (Source).

I am particularly happy with this development because I have always believed gays should have the same exact rights as heterosexuals. Many people believe since the Constitution does not address gay rights, the matter is not worth of judicial review but I vehemently oppose that argument. Anything that has to do with an individual’s civil liberties is worthy of judicial review whether the person is gay or heterosexual. Gays should not be looked at as independent of anyone because when it comes down to it; we are all part of the human race and that is enough for me. What is the point of fighting over an individual’s rights when the only thing in question is their sexuality? There are so many other issues out there that are more important; not to say gay rights is not an important topic, but the issue should not even surface in the first place. Conservatives and Liberals are constantly fighting over gay rights with the Conservatives usually opposing the matter and Liberals mostly taking the same stance that I am. This is a dispute that needs to end if we as a country are going to move forward. The time has come for both parties to put their swords down and stop talking about this. Gays are no different than anybody else and the fact we are in the 21st century while still debating this area of concern demonstrates the government’s need to drop this. Gays should have universal rights just like any other heterosexual male or female in this country. With that said, it is extremely telling that the Supreme Court unanimously voted in favor of the woman’s parental rights and hopefully this sets a strong precedent for the future.

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