Possibly the Greatest Selfie Ever Taken

While this is far from the usual topics covered here at Across the Lines this was too great to keep to myself. If this video is real, this man deserves at least two spots in history’s hall of fame. One for greatest selfie ever taken, and one for demonstrating the most bat-shit crazy things that a person could possibly do during a tornado! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7aRR86VfTY




      • Oh, yes, I do. I grew up in Iowa where if you don’t have a storm shelter, you’re obviously new. Then, I moved to Denver, Colorado, where you can set your clock by the tornado sirens every day. I’ve seen dust devils, snow devils, and fire devils live and in person. They ain’t tornadoes.

        A dust devil is when your car rocks and you spill your latte. A tornado is when you can’t find your car at all. Or your left leg.

      • I don’t doubt that. And as I said, I agree that it is a dust devil. If it were an actual tornado he wouldn’t have been able to even get that close to it without going air-born! Lol,this post was intended to be a funny, lighthearted break from the usual serious topics covered on our page. However,since you clearly seem to be a bit upset about not winning our made-up “Most-epic Selfie of All-Time” award, I will write a retraction if you can post a more bad-ass selfie than this. I really hope you aren’t all talk and have at least taken one picture with one of the many dust/snow/fire devils and tornadoes that you have encountered! If you have a more bad-ass selfie than this, you need to share that with the rest of us! We would love to see it.

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