Is Democracy Dead?: How the Elites of Both Major Parties are Stealing the Election

Yesterday, Judge Jeanine Pirro tore into Mitt Romney and the political establishment as a whole. While I do not agree with many of the statements made during her rant, and think she went way over the top at some points (especially concerning Obama) the majority of what she said couldn’t be more true. Whether or not you are personally a fan of Donald Trump, you should be concerned with how the GOP elites have been doing everything in their power to stop a Trump nomination (Source). While some of you may be terrified of the thought of Donald Trump being the next president of the United States, you should be just as scared of the current political establishment, maybe even more-so. The divide between the Democratic and Republican parties may be wider than ever, but there is at least one sentiment that has resonated with Americans across the board, that we are tired of the Establishment. On both sides, “political outsiders” promising to take big-money out of politics have gained massive support from the American people,  and also massive opposition from the Establishment. It is no secret that money has corrupted the United States’ political system to its core, but for the elites of both major parties to openly oppose candidates, despite popular support from the American people takes disregarding  democracy to a whole new level. In the linked video Judge Jeanine does a phenomenal job tearing apart the GOP (especially Romney) for crony capitalism, but there is even  more to this story.

Since the 2012 Presidential Election, there have been theories of “media black-outs” of anti-establishment candidates. Despite being thought of as a “conspiracy theory” to the uniformed, it was obvious that Ron Paul was a victim of a media-blackout back in 2012, and is clearly happening to Bernie Sanders now. This is not just my opinion or the product of a suspicious mind. A recent study aimed at debunking the theory of media-blackouts wound up confirming the very thing they set out to disprove. Their data strongly supported what conspiracy theorist have been suggesting for years. I would suggest that you read this full study for yourself, but in case you are feeling lazy; here is a chart taken from the study that will give you the gist of their findings for the 2016 candidates.


If Trump was not a master at generating a media frenzy he would have likely fallen into a media-black hole the second that the Establishment thought he was a threat. In conclusion, as I have mentioned before it is clear that the United States is drifting further, and further from democracy. Now that this issue is becoming apparent to an ever-increasing amount of Americans, I have hope that we will take out country back from the Establishment that clearly no longer represents the American People.

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