Modern Slavery

Most people regard slavery as a thing of the past. Unfortunately, human trafficking is not only still a major issue, it is a larger industry than ever before.This roughly $150 BILLION dollar industry is sustained through the exploitation of the close to 20.9 million men, women and children from around the world. Of these 20.9 million, 26% of the victims are children, and over half are females (55%). The primary outlet used by this industry to advertise while still remaining under the radar of law enforcement is the internet. Through the use of message boards and sites like “Craigslist”, traffickers are able to advertise their “product” to their depraved clientele.

These victims are exploited for everything from forced labor, sex, and even their organs. Just imagine having someone you love, possibly your child or significant other, being coerced or even forcefully taken, then abused and broken down mentally for the purpose of preparing them to be sold as a sex slave, or worse. In case any of you in the United States reading this are thinking that this sounds like something that could NEVER happen here, there are literally thousands of cases reported in the USA each year.This is an atrocity that can not be allowed to continue.

I usually do my absolute best to keep my posts opinion free, based on data and solid-fact, but on this issue I can’t resist. If you are the kind of fucked up person who believes that you have the right to exploit others you are the worst kind of trash. I believe that freedom a right that every living being is born with. Any person, group or practice that thrives of the exploitation of the vulnerable need to be scrubbed off of this world. Since many of the victims of traffickers are not in a position to stand up for themselves, it is the duty of the rest of us to stand up for them. Just like every other man-made evil, human trafficking only exists because we allow it to. If we decide that we will no longer allow greedy cowards to continue praying on the most vulnerable among us, this problem can be stopped. We are all responsible for the state that the world is in today. Human trafficking along with other evils such as terrorism are not only the result of the few bad individuals actively committing these acts, it is also because good people have allowed it to continue.

-By F.B.





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